About Me

Welcome to my site!

I am a learning experience designer with 6+ years of experience in curriculum development, blended learning, and facilitation.

I love creating equitable access to knowledge and connecting with learners by designing learning solutions that are human-centered, inclusive, and engaging. My greatest joy comes from the moment when learners tell me that my instructional design makes a positive change to their work performance and even lives.

My past training as a professional literary critic and professor makes me appreciate the values of listening, curiosity, and the complexity of things. These values inform my work today, enabling me to design with the learner in mind and to analyze the organization's training needs with precision.

Feel free to get in touch with me via LinkedIn!

What I Love Doing

I love working in a collaborative environment where I can create engaging learning solutions that excite learners of diverse background. I also enjoy incorporating feedback to refine my learning design. Collaboration, communication, and creative instructional design spark joy in me!

What I am Good at

  • Effective curriculum development.

  • Engaging learning content creation.

  • Human-centered and inclusive blended learning.

  • Communication & incorporation of feedback.

What I Bring

  • Effective execution and project management.

  • Attention to design details.

  • Commitment to accessibility, diversity, and inclusivity.

  • Empathy and precision of a professional literary critic.