Designing a Branded eLearning Template

Tools Used

Articulate Storyline 360 and Canva

I participated in a monthly challenge at Tim Slade's eLearning Designer's Academy, which asked the participants to design a branded eLearning template for a company! My chosen company was Twitter. As an avid social media user who follows a lot of public conversations, I admire Twitter's company missions: to serve the public conversation by creating a free and safe space to talk. You can check out the branded template here, or scroll down to read the design ideas!

Design & Ideas

To design a custom eLearning template that matches Twitter's branding, I studied the colors, fonts, and images used by the company. More importantly, I wanted the custom template to reflect the purpose and values embraced by Twitter. Check out the template below!

  1. The Title Slide

With that iconic shade of blue and a diverse group of social media users, the title slide engages with the company's belief in connections and conversations.

2. The Content Slide

The content slide reinforces the theme of a free and safe space to talk.

3. The Click-to-Reveal Interaction Slide I

The design of this slide incorporates Twitter's investment in diverse perspectives, healthy conversations, and fun.

4. The Click-to-Reveal Interaction Slide II

Both slides continue to engage with Twitter's iconic shade of blue and design.

5. The Quiz Slide

5. The Scenario Slide

Given that Twitter is about creating a safe space for conversations, I chose a picture that features a group of young people who appear to be comfortable talking and walking in a public space.


This community challenge was so fun to participate! Not only did I learn to work with a company's branding color and icon, I also had a great time incorporating Twitter's investment in public conversations, trust, and diverse perspectives into the custom template.